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category: Theme

403Page is now open source!

Today we did something cool! We published the Frontity theme used for (what you’re looking at right now). Come get it…

HOW TO: Serve Frontity inside WordPress on any environment (no node.js)

A method to load a Frontity site as a theme inside Wordpress with any hosting environment – including those that don’t yet support Node.js!

Scaling for VOLUME with Frontity & Cloudflare

Can we achieve half a million visits in 60 seconds on entry-level hardware? With Frontity and Cloudflare, the answer may surprise you.

HOW TO: Cache the WordPress REST API Post endpoint in Cloudflare

With this method using Apache, Node, Frontity and Cloudflare, you can start imagining how to get your site to 100% uptime.

HOW TO: Strip WPBakery Page Builder “VC” shortcodes from all posts and pages

Need a quick way to strip WPBakery Page builder shortcodes like [vc_row], [vc_column], etc. from your posts and pages? Use WP Cli with –regex!

[SOLVED] “Thing is not a known valid target type for the itemReviewed property” in Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool for Rich Snippet Schema

Learn how to fix “Thing is not a known valid target type for the itemReviewed property.” in Google’s Structured Data testing tool for rich snippet schema.

HOW TO: Deploy a headless site for WordPress to the Cloud for FREE with Frontity and Zeit Now

A quick start guide on deploying a decoupled headless React.js site to the cloud for free Frontity and Zeit Now that uses Wordpress as its backend.

[SOLVED] Cloudflare & WordPress: Getting a 403 when saving?

Cloudflare may block updates to posts & other API dependent content (ie. page builders, etc). If you’re seeing a 403 for /json/wp/v2/posts, here’s why…

HOW TO: Eliminate Render-Blocking Resources & set Critical Path CSS with Autoptimize

Set critical path css & eliminate render-blocking resources, speed up your Wordpress site and get a better Google Pagespeed Insights score with Autoptimise.

HOW TO: Dequeue Unused Scripts & Styles Reference

Speed up your Wordpress performance and dominate Google Pagespeed mobile scores by dequeuing unused JS scripts & CSS styles.