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HOW TO: Extend the WordPress REST API (with block support)

Extend the WordPress REST API to include personalised content for an external app to conditionally display based on segmentation.

HOW TO: Test your WordPress code on production like a boss

Should you test your new code on live? Probably not. That doesn’t mean there aren’t times when you need to. For those times, do this…

403Page is now open source!

Today we did something cool! We published the Frontity theme used for (what you’re looking at right now). Come get it…

HOW TO: Serve Frontity inside WordPress on any environment (no node.js)

A method to load a Frontity site as a theme inside Wordpress with any hosting environment – including those that don’t yet support Node.js!

Scaling for VOLUME with Frontity & Cloudflare

Can we achieve half a million visits in 60 seconds on entry-level hardware? With Frontity and Cloudflare, the answer may surprise you.

HOW TO: Cache the WordPress REST API Post endpoint in Cloudflare

With this method using Apache, Node, Frontity and Cloudflare, you can start imagining how to get your site to 100% uptime.

HOW TO: Strip WPBakery Page Builder “VC” shortcodes from all posts and pages

Need a quick way to strip WPBakery Page builder shortcodes like [vc_row], [vc_column], etc. from your posts and pages? Use WP Cli with –regex!

[SOLVED] “Thing is not a known valid target type for the itemReviewed property” in Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool for Rich Snippet Schema

Learn how to fix “Thing is not a known valid target type for the itemReviewed property.” in Google’s Structured Data testing tool for rich snippet schema.

HOW TO: Deploy a headless site for WordPress to the Cloud for FREE with Frontity and Zeit Now

A quick start guide on deploying a decoupled headless React.js site to the cloud for free Frontity and Zeit Now that uses Wordpress as its backend.

[SOLVED] Cloudflare & WordPress: Getting a 403 when saving?

Cloudflare may block updates to posts & other API dependent content (ie. page builders, etc). If you’re seeing a 403 for /json/wp/v2/posts, here’s why…