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HOW TO: Test your WordPress code on production like a boss

Should you test your new code on live? Probably not. That doesn’t mean there aren’t times when you need to. For those times, do this…

HOW TO: Set a variable HOME and SITEURL based on the requested domain

Serve the domain part of a URI based on the domain the client loads your Wordpress site on (ideal for reverse proxies or staging sites).

HOW TO: Create a downtime failover for your site with a Cloudflare Worker

Route traffic to a failover maintaining the live domain for your visitors if your site can’t be reached or a 50X error is detected.

HOW TO: Make content creators lives easier with machine learning

Use machine learning tools to boost SEO, improve ElasticSearch and help writers concentrate on what they do best… write.

HOW TO: Add Object caching to your WordPress site with Redis

Significantly improve Wordpress performance, particularly wp-admin with Object caching using Redis. Here’s how to set it up in 5 minutes…

HOW TO: Configure WordPress to support multiple Environments

Wordpress now has a way to know which instance it’s loading on (ie. dev, staging, prod) and automatically execute code specific to each.

HOW TO: Stop using wp-cron.php and do this instead…

Wordpress cron (wp-cron) works really well. Until it doesn’t. For a small single site blog with relatively low traffic, you don’t need this. But as you scale, or run a Woocommerce store or multisite – this is absolutely worth setting up.

5 WordPress Server Admin Commands You Use But Keep Forgetting To Hotkey

Sick of running WP-CLI commands as root, with –allow-root, then feeling uneasy about your server’s security? Sort it today! (plus 4 other copy/pasties!)

HOW TO: Prevent exposing your visitor’s data to the Chinese Communist Party through Tik Tok embeds

Concerned about exposing your visitor data to third parties like TikTok or the Chinese Communist Party? Here’s what you need to know about Wordpress embeds.

9 WordPress Defines You (probably) Didn’t Know About

Allow outbound connections through your proxy? Stop themes from installing on core updates? Here’s some neat tricks for Wordpress you may not be aware of.